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0131 281 0429

19 Smith's Place

Edinburgh, EH6 8NU


074 0463 3415

Polish Family Support Centre

Sort code: 80-11-00

Account number:  00398105

Polish Family Support Centre

Sort code: 80-11-00

Account number: 00398105

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Support  groups and individual advice for children and young people who struggle with different problems and find difficult to adapt to a new situation. Combining support group and workshop gives children an understanding of their situation and boost in their confidence and self-esteem. The groups consists of activities that will engage children, involve in the activities, open up and share their experience after moving to a different country. This is both educating and entertaining, as different activities are implemented to show different ways of coping with the problems, finding solutions and different way that is suitable for each individual problem faced.

The groups aim is to improve children’s overall wellbeing, reduce and eliminate barriers that exist due to living in another country e.g. isolation, language barriers, cultural differences, low attendance in school  or children’s problem with adaptation etc. We believe that activities and the programme of the support groups and workshops gives children needed confidence and significantly reduce their anxiety.


Support groups and inidividual advice for parents about parenting skills. The support groups and individual consultations aim is to strenghten family ties, make parents aware of their children's problems and provide support and advice for the whole family to improve their wellbeing.

Emotional support will give children and parents boost in confidence, improve their emotional and mental wellbeing and will improve relations between parents and children.

Parents play crucial role in children’s upbringing and influences that children have from home, impacts them in the long term  and making parents aware of the problems children face, will improve family cohesion, children's upbringing and relations.




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